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Company K – TRADING s. r. o. (Ltd) is a trading company based on its Foundation Charter, organized and validly existing under the laws of Slovak Republic.

Basic data:

Owner of the company: Lívia Krišandová

Director of the company: Helena Krišandová

C.E.O. for Export & Import: Marek Krišanda

Registered office: Lipová 29, 900 28  Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovak Republic

Principal business address: Vrútocká 4527/46, 821 04  Bratislava – RuĹžinov, Slovak Republic

Company ID number: 46 160 922

VAT number: SK2023255861

Bank: Tatra banka, a. s.

Account number: 2929859809/1100

IBAN: SK21 1100 0000 0029 2985 9809


K – TRADING s. r. o. trades various commodities such as petroleum products (crude oil, D2, Mazut, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, LPG) sugar (beet, cane, raw), crude oils for bio-diesel (corn oil, jatropha oil, crude degummed rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil), refined edible oils (sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil, corn oil, olive oil), and more.

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Business activities of K – TRADING s. r. o. started several years ago, and company has conducted business worldwide. In 2011 company underwent a transformation and changed its name.  

We enjoy direct access to some of the world's strongest providers of commodities, who are prepared to deliver product to qualified buyers on time and as promised. Our activities are founded on the principle of providing today's buyers commodity they are seeking, in the shortest time possible, at the most competitive prices available within the market. This is possible to accomplish only by matching bona-fide end buyers with proven financial capability directly with legitimate title holders/refineries that are capable of providing commodity to our buyers. We work tirelessly to assure both sides of a transaction meet their common objective of a secure and on-time commodity transaction.

Success of the company is driven by its employees and their commitment to get positive results the right way [ by operating responsibly, reliably, effectively, by communicating honestly and promptly.

Our practice that is built on:

Integrity    Balance    Support    Partnership    Trust    Communication

Performance    Discipline    Strength    Honesty    Reliability    Professionalism.

Strict adherence to Integrity in all that we do, and commitment to this set of principles has helped us establish successful and long-lasting business relationships with our Sellers and Buyers worldwide. We are with our clients before, during, and after closing of a successful transaction.


Company K-Trading Ltd. always requires direct contact between seller and end-buyer. Contracts are always signed between buyer and seller/legal title holder.